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The process through which life has developed on earth has been long and gradual. Each variation that emerges has to be an integral part of the ecosystem and not threaten its continuity and viability or the system may collapse.

With man's new powers and knowledge he has the potential to severely disrupt Nature's evolved systems. It is imperative that the technologies that man now embraces, support the long-term sustainability of our home planet.

IMBT seeks to provide sustainable solutions to the problems facing man in terms of disease and the threat of pollution to his environment.  IMBT will promote production of bio-fuels, using its technology, to provide organic fertilizers that promote good plant growth without the use of artificial chemical fertilizers and fungicides.  This will reduce the nitrate leach off into the water courses, thus reducing the pollution of our rivers and our drinking water.

 IMBT’s recycling technology will turn animal bi-product waste into a slow-release soil fauna enhancing fertilizer.  In this way, the soil is used as a carbon sink, reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.  It also offers an alternative to landfill and incineration.

IMBT aims to improve the health of livestock naturally, with its nutraceutical feed products, the benefits of which are passed on through the food chain to the consumer, and without causing the disruption of natural gut probiotic fauna that is associated with IBS. 


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