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Earth with worms
Regeneration of Waste Biomass
Flies as recyclers

In nature there is no such thing as biological waste. Bi-products from one species are nutrients for another. Plants, insects, animals and all manners of life are continuously recycled according to evolved natural laws. This occurs in the marine environment as well as on land, and on and below earth's soil where diverse arrays of micro-organisms and invertebrates provide a nutrient home for plant growth and the subsequent trapping of the sun's energy.

IMBT will link immune challenges with the natural recycling process using insects to produce insects for food or food additive that enhance health. The technology offers alternatives to the use of landfill and incineration for biological waste.

The enrichment of the soil through the use of insect mediated waste biotransformation processes will also assist with carbon dioxide reduction targets.

IMBT will promote the use of bio-fuel crops through its production of insect based fertisers.


Global Patents have been filed on Immunity Generation. These have to date been granted in the UK and also granted in Australia.





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